GDPR Survey Template for Data Collection

GDPR Survey Template for Data Collection by QuestionPro has 15 questions related to data protection. For all organizations based out of or dealing with an organization from Europe, they need to abide by the GDPR rules. This is a customizable GDPR questionnaire example which survey makers can implement to ensure GDPR and data security rules are followed and that the customers' data is safe. Some of the question examples are "Is GDPR compliance a top priority for your organization?", "Is there any process set in your organization for reporting a data breach?"

Is your organization located in the European Union (EU)?
How aware are you with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
Is GDPR compliance a top priority for your organization?
Is there any process set in your organization for reporting data breach?
Does your organization handle personal data of EU citizens?
If Yes, what kind of personal data does your organization handle?
Does your organization have a dedicated Data Protection Officer?
What type of consent do you take from individuals before you use their data?
Can you ensure that the data collected is strictly used for intended purpose?
Does your organization have an allocated budget for data or IT security?
If Yes, please specify a bracket for the allocated budget:
Do you plan to organize a team to primarily focus on GDPR compliance?
Given UK’s decision to leave EU, do you think GDPR compliance will come into practice from May 25, 2018?
Which of these do you see as potential threat to your data?
Can your data be exported to an external device?

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